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Mary Jo Yeager
Joey Brown
Mary Jo Yeager
Joey Brown
Assistant Principal
Mary Jo Yeager earned a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in mathematics from Middle Tennessee State University.  Utilizing this degree, Ms. Yeager had a variety of middle and high school teaching experience:  8th grade math (Tipton County), 7th-10th grade math (Bedford County), and 9th and 10th grade algebra courses (Rutherford County).  Ms. Yeager earned a Master of Education degree from Tennessee State University, followed by an Education Specialist degree at Middle Tennessee State University.  The emphasis of both of these degrees was Administration and Supervision, and she moved from the classroom into an administrative position to put this knowledge to work.  Ms. Yeager served as an assistant principal at both Oakland High School and Smyrna Middle School before taking the leadership role of Principal of Daniel-McKee Alternative School in 2011.  
A native of Wisconsin, Ms. Yeager moved to Tennessee in the summer just prior to her first year of high school.  After her many years of schooling and building a career in education, she is proud to call Tennessee home.  When not working, Ms. Yeager enjoys fellowship with friends, reading, quilting, and traveling.  Her beloved dog Trixie likes to take her for walks.  Ms. Yeager is a fan of Green Bay Packers football (you can take the girl out of Wisconsin, but you can't take the Wisconsin out of the girl) and Nashville Predator Hockey.

Joey Brown began his higher education at Itawamba Community College (Go Indians!). There he earned an Associate of Arts in Design and continued to Mississippi State University (Go DAWGS!). While there, he completed three years of academic work towards a degree in Architecture and Design and a one-year internship at an architectural firm in Nashville, TN. Afterwards he attended Tennessee State University (Go Tigers!) and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics and Education. Finally, he attended Middle Tennessee State University (Go Raiders!) and earned his Master of Education in Supervision and Instruction.

During high school, he felt a pull towards math, teaching, and art. He initially wanted to teach but after a year of college, he changed his major to architecture. As a result of his experience at the firm, he decided architecture was not his dream. He floundered for a while at odd jobs and then had the opportunity that changed his life! He was able to fill in for a teacher at a private school during her maternity leave. He taught middle and high school math. The next year Mr. Brown was hired on full time. Because of this experience, Mr. Brown decided to go back to college to be a certified teacher. It took him two years and his wife working a full-time job but he graduated and found a teaching job in the same week. He has been working in the Rutherford County school system since 2004.

When not formally teaching or leading, he loves to teach and play with his own four kids. He often builds obstacle courses for them but of course must try them out himself. He also likes to create art out of most anything but mainly wood, wire, paint, and leather. He and his lovely wife of 16 years enjoy movies, experiencing new food, and teaching their kids to be creative and open-minded. They also love on their puppy Suzy Q. as much as possible.